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Saturday, August 13, 2016

4 weeks I guess

I just showed my poker face trying to hide my the true feelings.I never wanted to hurt you.Hurting you was the last thing I ever wanted.but...I am tied to my pledge.I am willing to give up everything for my pledge.You will never understand.Luckily you tried to understand even you are hurt so much.I am hurt too. I am sorry for the promises I made when we were together.The promises are over written by my own promised when I made along time ago.Now we are at the stage slowly becoming strangers again.Hey...I remember the time when we were strangers.I convinced you I was different than the others.In fact I am different from the others.However I am too much odd compared to the others.We talked about almost everything.I will always treasure the memories when we were together.Several words you said will always hunt me for the rest of my life.Right now I am off on a very long journey.I think I am going alone.You are always one of the best things ever happened in my life.One day,by the God's will,I will reclaim what I have left behind.Be strong okay!

Monday, August 1, 2016

I listen and I obey

Everyone has their own war.Well I have several.I am not sure this war will be the greatest war in my life or much bigger war will come.One thing for sure,without a doubt this is one of the greatest wars in my life.I can't say much but I am willing to take all the pain from you.I understand how do you feel but yet I can't say much.I am trying to understand as well.Few words spat from you do haunt me.I am sorry.I truly am.You just do not understand.One day when I am very strong,and things are on my side,I will be back.;)