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Friday, August 10, 2012

A little thing from me to you

Hello.It has been awhile since the last time I talked to you.Life is great isn't it?Everything was perfect at the beginning and as usual when it came to the end,it was spoiled.Everything is totally ruined.Told you,I am destined to live alone.I tried to make everything just fine.I had tried many times.I think that all.I have proved my destiny.How do you like it if you have the same theme of dreams for a consecutive 3 days?As I woke up,I would start to miss them. Why did I screw the first chance?That time I was so naive and inexperience about the art and yet I had given a situation to fight in a high level war.I am not an extraordinary man and miracle did not happen to me. I lost.Yes I lost and I hate losing.Still now I am suffering the consequences. Almost everyday I will recall about it and the feeling of regret not winning it becoming bigger and bigger.I swear if I am given a second chance,I will make a full use of it.Now I knew the art,what to do and how to react. I am better than before.I crave to have you again.Please...God,will you give me a second chance?I want to put an end to it.Sometimes I feel I am over it but actually I lie. If I take a closer look,I will find emptiness which only can be filled by having you. I miss you.I do.I really miss you.I am tired thinking about "what if". Nah,you who do not know what I am talking about don't feel like I am talking about you.Only me know what I am talking about.Better do not make any speculation and feel good or bad about it. I am definitely NOT talking about you.