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Sunday, February 21, 2010


hello my grandchildren..
how are u?c the title of my post today..the title is representing that ur grandpa is cool..hehe..u know something my grandchildren?Today I played squash..huahuahua...Actually I write this because I want to share with you my experience using broadband and streamyx line..Both of them are tuuut.....(vulgar word..need to be censored)..
Maxis broadband I started to subscribe after 3 days RaYA last year..coz I want internet..then the prob is it tends to lost connection..sometimes no connection at annoying..I have to be really patient to use it..but sometimes I cursed it..but still no effect to the performance..haiissshhh..wasted my saliva only..when it is raining, I only can surf stupid stuff such as yahoo page..further then that, surf in my dream la..arghhh..It cannot be denied that this broadband also has the bright side..It is the major connector between me and my GF..without it,I have to go to the lab to YM and skype..

Now we move on to annoying and full of vulgar words when I remember it..The sreamyx line is sooo stupid because when it is raining,the speed will decrease tremendously..It is like u r using wi fii..Contractors that installed the streamyx line blamed the wire outside which connecting the house and the phone pole..They said the wire was too old..But the best part is when they were asked to change the wire,they kicked us around by passing us to other sub contractors..actually we were moving in a circle..I'm not racist but this is y I hate Malay to do this kind of job..they want easy money but for the service,they make it hard...Until now it is not replaced..
Huh..whenever I am thinking about this,I will get a heart my grandchildren,next time if u want to subscribe any internet service,just forget it...coz they are suxxxxxxx....

so time for bed..tomorrow no class at 11...oyeaahhh...I love it coz i hate to wake up early..U know, old people need to rest a lot...I gtg..dont be naughty.. If not, I impale u..taatatata bobai

Monday, February 15, 2010

oOo...5 days

now is the fifth day she went to australia..I'm still waiting news from her..You know I'm quite bad at waiting something but now I have to wait..yeah,,,it sucks ass..many things in my mind rite now..has she forgotten me?is she too bz?is she still does not open bank account to pay internet?is she still does not top up her phone?if she sends me a msg per day, that will be the most beautiful thing in this world..I'm still waiting with mess in my head..too many things to consider and to think..I'll wait until 25th of this month and if she still does not send me anything,i will consider she breaks up with me..easier coz she can do what she wants without taking me into consideration..and i will shut my fb..B4 she flied,she told me she would be bz for a i'll wait until 25th..extend a little bit time for her to settle down and explore the place..nothing much to say and i just hope that she will contact me b4 25th...who knows..

you can start to doubt about them

Friday, February 12, 2010

Can u hold on?

Can u hold on when your relationship has so many challenges?
Can u hold on when there are so many obstacles?

Can u hold on when parents do not approve?
Hold on when other people want to tear u apart?
Hold on even tighter when your side also do not want u to be together?

I hold on when others say it is impossible
I hold on even though experience people in this kind of situation also say I should break

I hold on until I succeed
I hold on if U do not give up

I hold on and I hope you also hold on
Coz I believe there is a light

Do not break under pressure
Do not change your mind after you set it up
Coz I have plan for everything

After this it will be a lot more difficult
More challenges
Can u still stick with me?
The worst part is not reveal yet

Be prepared for it
Do not listen to other people talk
Coz they do not know anything

Once you listen to them,you will be far from me slowly
I did my part by not listening to other people

It hurts you deeply if you are not used to it
Please do not change your mind

If you change your mind...
Please tell me
coz I do not want to look like a fool fighting alone
I will fight if you fight

If you need something to ease you from the pain of fighting...
You can come to me
Coz I do not feel anything if people talk bad about it
You can come to me
I promise I will make any problem becomes smaller than you thought

Dont u change ur mind..
Once u do it,I cannot stand the pain anymore..
fighting is over when you change your mind

2 is better than 1

gUd evening my grandchildren..I'm back..I just came back from KL..It was freaking tiring journey..Grandpa penat tggu ble nk smpai destination..Haishhh...Along the way of the journey, I was thinking about so many things..One of them was mcm mana laaaa idup nnti..sebab grandpa da terbiasa tidur ada org teman..susah gak nk trima tp grandpa cool..last nite after sending my gf, I could not body was so tired but my eyes were refused to close..bcoz I missed a touch of my girl before sleeping.I need a voice which always teased me, calling my name, talk to me about hopes, dreams and almost everything..I shared with her everything..she knows me very well even my childish side..Yet she still wants me..I always fighted with her because I wanted her to change certain things just for me..sometimes I fighted with her because I wanted her attention even she was giving me 100% of it..jahat dok ur grandpa?? nice if have someone who really cares about u and she dreams to live with u..but I always said to my gf I did not want to marry her and her dreams were lame..sje je coz I wanted to tease her..listen to this my grandchildren..U shud not let ur partner alone doing all the efforts to maintain the relationship..U also need to throw ur best shot in order to preserve it..don't fool around with ur partner...It is not gud to do so..If I find out u do that, I personally will kick ur ass..and get ready to hurt if u fall in love coz love's hurt..that's y they call it "falling in love" coz u fall..and falling is hurt..rite now I miss everything about her..but I have to be strong coz she's depending on me..many things I will tell to you later but rite now i'm too tired..wanna sleep..die2...hehe..bye

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Test..test..ting..ting..this is my 1st time I write a blog.I'm quite an up to date grandpa huh?Nothing much I wanna say rite now..just feeling tired coz of the activity I went today.So tired.
U wanna know something?
I'm going to KL on the next coming monday. 8/02/2010..
Wondering why?coz I'm going to KLIA..
Don't ask so much my grandchildren..
Or else I kick ur butt with my shaking legs..
LOL??Remember..Everything I write is what I feel and see life in my point of view. SO if u wanna ask something,ask directly to me k..Grandpa is so tired..need a rest for a while..b4 i leave, just for ur information, I'm studying in the worst Uni ever created on earth..holly fairy godmother!!!