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Saturday, April 29, 2017

My other half

Some people do not understand that there are people who like to seclude themselves. I enjoy being alone. They say the more the merrier. What is happiness? That type of happiness is long gone from my life. I have different  definition of happiness. One day I will be happy. How can I enjoy my life if half of it is not with me? I still vividly remember the day, the things that I said, the responses, and the feelings... I remember. They hurt me and for sure they hurt my other half badly. I am strong but my other half is weak. I always can feel the pain that my other half is going through now. If my other half has decided not to be my other half anymore, I can't blame my other half. I completely understand but I really hope if that time comes, I can hold my senses. I really miss my other half.

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