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Friday, March 10, 2017

You,who walks in my mind

You.Do you know how much I miss you?I always wonder how are you today?Who has hurt you?Who makes you sad?Are you okay?Do you know that I really miss you?Do you know I am truly love you?Do not think ill of me.If I had a choice,you would be the person I did not want to hurt.Every day I think about you.It hurts a lot awak... :( This world fails to impress me.The moment I lost you,I am dead inside. Every time I am hurt going through the situations that I believe they are normal for the people at our stage, I think of you. You must have hurt at least 10 times more than me when you encounter the same situations.I feel helpless.I am sorry to put you through this. I am not lying about my feelings.It is just...It is just an order I have to obey for the sake of both of us. If I had to choose whether I am going to fight against 1000 kings or the person I respect the most, I choose to fight against 1000 kings. You know, people try so hard to read me. Of course they will fail to read me unless they are in the same path that I am walking. My actions puzzle them. Sometimes I am also puzzled with my actions but I have to carry out the actions because they are the truth. You...Remember this.I am the person who stick to my promise.By God's will, we will meet again and we will live together.You are the person I am going to find by the time I am ready. Stay strong!Be good.May God be with you.

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